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We build trust using market leading solutions and expedite investment decisions by providing a full suite of services to get you up and running. From initial concepts, sketches and prototypes to final testing and launch, we provide value at every stage of the product development life cycle.
  • Re-skin idScan® Go for iOS and Android
  • Integrate additional services in idScan® Go (API/Databases)
  • Integrate Acuant Cloud API in various web frameworks (web mobile and desktop)
  • Enable hardware integrations (getting data from hardware devices to Acuant Cloud)
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One Stop Shop

We provide experienced development teams familiar with web and mobile technologies and with intimate knowledge of Acuant products and APIs in one place

Save Time & Money

We provide services in a streamlined and efficient manner that saves you time and money getting you to solution success faster

Fully Customizable

We provide a fully customizable experience with easy API for integration into any 3rd party iOS, Android, Windows, Xamarin or HTML5 application 



All data transmissions are secured via SSL and HTTPS AES 256-bit encryption to ensure the highest level of security and no images are stored unless you require it

Reduce Risk

Instantly verify age, identify fake IDs and be compliant with regulations for all industries including KYC, AML and others while protecting PII 


Plan Ahead

The path to future enhancements is easy, our engineers work with Acuant software everyday

Use Cases

  • Works with Driver's Licenses, Passports, Medical, Auto Insurance Cards & other Govt Issued IDs
  • Identifies Fraudulent IDs
  • Age Verification
  • Streamlines Customer Onboarding
  • Automates Application Forms & Processes
  • Performs Facial Recognition Match with Liveness Test
  • Allows for Secure Remote Transactions
  • Works for all industries



We specialize in web and mobile applications covering the full range of activities required in the product development process.

UX/Ui: User Personas, User Flows, Application Flows, Wireframing, Prototyping

Visual Design: Branding, Graphic Design, App Design, Fonts, Iconography

Frontend: JavaScript, React JS, React Native, Angular, Vue JS, HTML5/CSS3

Backend: Node.js, APIs, Ruby on Rails, PHP

DB: PostGres, MySQL, MongoDB

Mobile: iOS / XCode Native Apps / Objective C/C++ / Swift / Android and Java, React Native

iOT: Embedded systems, Network technology

Acuant made the process fast and easy for us to get mobile ID Verification up and running.  Our app looks great- customers love it!

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