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Increasing competition and changing regulations in financial services has highlighted the need for more efficient and more customer friendly processes when it comes to identity proofing. Regulatory requirements such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML,) Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – mean customer data has to be collected. Acuant provides your most trusted identity management solutions that allow institutions to safely and securely capture accurate, verified information without making customers unhappy or less likely to transact. Our partners include global financial institutions with branch and mobile services. 

Retail/Branch Banking                Mobile/App Banking                  Insurance                           Loan Origination 

Cryptocurrency               FinTech                  Payments               Credit Unions                Financial Service Centers


Use Cases:

  • Easily Facilitate New Account Onboarding, Loan Origination & Credit Applications for On-Premise, Mobile App & Online Workflows (Person, Card-Not-Present) with Faster Application Processes
  • Conduct Transactions with Ease for Wire Transfers, Money Remittance, Mobile Deposit Authorizations& Credit Card Payments
  • Verify ID’s for Mobile Trading Apps (stocks, commodity, binary)
  • Quick & Easy Multi-Factor Authentication with Facial Recognition Match for Initial & Ongoing Verification in Customer Transactions
  • Upgrade Insurance Industry Transactions:
    • Online, Mobile & In-Field Policy Applications
    • Engage Customer Authentication & Verification for Underwriting
    • Improve Policy Service & Change/Update Management
    • Improve Claim Adjudication & Payment Management

Value Delivered:

  • Automate your Workflows, Eliminate Manual Entry & Paperwork to Provide Maximum Efficiency & Security

  • Get Name, Address, License and Phone Number Auto-filled, with Verification & Ability for Person to Correct

  • Instantly Prevent Fraud Due to Identity Theft, Account Takeovers & Spoofing with the Ability to check Watch Lists (OFAC, Interpol, AML, etc.)

  • Meet Regulatory Compliance (KYC, AML, PII) & Safely Store Customer PII Data 

  • Improve Customer Experiences & Processing Speed for Banking & Insurance Policy Application/Policy Change Management while Mitigating Risk & Claim Fraud

  • Increase Underwriting Efficiency & Speed at Lower Costs