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Upgrading customer experiences by leveraging technology is not only important to create customer loyalty and be competitive, but also to protect assets and manage risk. Acuant optimizes operations and provides an additional layer of security against fraud.

Environments such as airports have stringent security protocols and Acuant is the technology of choice for many such high security environments. Quickly and accurately collect authenticated data to meet compliance requirements and speed up customer workflows, get faster approvals, and create loyalty. Our solutions enable quick scanning of Passports and ID cards for data extraction into customer management systems while simultaneously verifying their authenticity in seconds. 

Auto Sales & Rental          Airline          Passenger/Cruise Ship          Railway          Cargo


Use Cases:

  • Passenger ID Check for High Volume Airports, Cruise Ships & Railway Systems
  • Quick & Easy Multi-Factor Authentication with Biometric Facial Recogniton Match
  • Automotive Dealerships CRM/DMS Systems
  • Test Drive Info Capture
  • Car Rental Check-In & Asset Protection
  • Car Sharing Services
  • Employee Verification for Car Ride/Taxi Services; Employee Background Checks & Medical Certification
  • Manage any Motorized Vehicle Fleet (Trucks, Scooters, Boats, etc.)

Value Delivered:

  • Streamline Customer Workflows: No Manual Entry, Instant ID & Biometric Verification
  • Automate Technology to Accurately Populate CRM in Seconds
  • Store Customer Records Safely, Including Images & Be Compliant with No Photocopies
  • Minimize Risk: Eliminate Damage Disputes, Reduce Auto Theft & Identity Fraud
  • Decrease Wait Times & Lines, Especially in High Volume Locations Such as Airports
  • Engage Customers On-The-Go with Mobile & Remote Transaction Solutions for Person & Card-Not-Present
  • Improve Customer Service Scores (CSI) & Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Protect your Assets By Verifying Customer & Employee Identities for Initial & Ongoing Transactions
    • Know Who is Driving your Cars/Using your Solution with Remote Facial Recognition
    • Driver Screening for HR
    • Authenticate Licenses & Check Against Watch Lists
    • Enable Geolocation Services
  • Make Test Drives & Car Sales Easy & Customer Friendly, Using Mobile Devices to Capture Information Right on the Spot
  • Speed Up Loan Approvals & Financing Processes by Quickly Capturing Accurate & Verified Data
  • Manage any Motorized Vehicle Fleet (Trucks, Scooters, Boats, etc.)